This project hopes to offer that support by not only covering core learning experiences and curriculum knowledge but also by promoting social and emotional wellbeing too. Communication will form the basis of all work undertaken, not only with the student’s peers and immediate teachers but also those from a wider group too.

With our project, we want to provide high quality learning opportunities for our students, meeting their needs, stimulating their demands and ensuring that they will develop all the necessary competences to be successful in their future life.


Our participating countries include Spain, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Greece and England.  To learn more about the participating organisations, click on the tab above. 

Our Philosophy

The ability to change school dynamics from the surrounding environment to a wider European one will offer new audiences giving greater scope for advertising. Likewise, communication will also benefit each school community beyond the students, with teachers and leaders sharing good practice and new initiatives with others, a chance to celebrate each institutes strengths and successes.


The fu­ture star­ts to­day, not to­mor­row.
(Pope John Paul II)

Progress begins with the belief that what is necessary is possible.

(Norman Cousins,
American journalist)