Entrepreneurship can be taught, and must be learned.”
- Doug Richards


The title of our project is "Euro trading, young entrepreneurs on the move."   The aim of our project is to develop our pupils into young entrepreneurs. The well-planned programme will adopt a skills-based approach and provide real-life business opportunities which will apply Literacy, Numeracy, Thinking and IT skills.  The Entrepreneurship learning will be integrated into our Curriculum, and will be effectively coordinated by members of staff at each school. The pupils will be encouraged to use their previous knowledge and skills, and to use their own initiative to develop their own business. The activities will include problem-solving and team working opportunities. In order to engage our pupils, we will invite visitors from the local community to give an insight into the range of different successful methods of running a business, and to provide the learners with some ideas for a product. We will establish a positive IT link by embracing social media, such as ‘You Tube’ and ‘Facebook’.