Meeting to Spain

Between 20th and 27th May The coordinating school of our project Academia Igualada in Spain hosted the groups of teachers and students from all the schools participating in the project. It was the fifth short youth exchange meeting within our Erasmus Project KA2 “Young entrepreneurs on the move” and the last one. The foreign students were accommodated with hosting families what enabled them to explore the life style of the Spanish families, improve their language skills and to make new friendships. The hosting school prepared an excellent and thrilling programme of the visit which covered both the activities at school and exploring the culture, traditions, cuisine and life style of the region of Catalonia in the north-east of Spain. On Monday after the welcome ceremony the European students visited the school and participated in the lessons conducted by the Spanish teachers.  On Tuesday all the visitors took part in various sports activities and competitions along with their Spanish partners. A great event and experience was the workshop with the folklore group Moixiguangers. The members of the group showed the visitors one of the most exciting and challenging Catalan tradition – human towers ( Castellers). They also trained them how to create such “a tower”.

The culminating point of the visit was the school fair. All the participating schools had prepared their products which then they sold at the fair – key rings, funny pencils, paper hearts and many others. It was a great experience and lessons of entrepreneurship for young businessmen.

The European teachers could explore the Spanish Educational System, learn from their Spanish colleagues about the innovative solutions concerning teaching entrepreneurship at primary school. The coordinators of the project were working over the final report of the project.

The European visitors had an opportunity to see the capital of Catalonia and one of the most inspiring European city – Barcelona. They could admire the breathtaking panorama of the city from the Montjuïc Hill, Park Gȕell and the amazing church Sagrada Familia, designed by the foremost Catalan architect – Antonio Gaudi. But most of the students will remember the visit to Camp Nou Football Stadium. On the last day of the meeting, the visitors visited the ancient city of Tarragona, the former capital of Roman Spain. They could see well preserved Roman and medieval monuments.

To sum up, the visit to Igualada was a fantastic experience both for the students and teachers and left lots of unforgettable memories in each of the participants.

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