Travel  Agency

On  6th  December  2016  a  group  of  our  pupils  involved  in   the  Erasmus  Project „ Eurotrading – young  entrepreneurs  on  the  move”  went  to  the  Travel  Agency ASTUR in Jastrzębie-Zdrój.

The aim  of  the  visit  was  to  get  familiar  with  the  working  at  Travel  Agency.  Our  students  asked  such  questions as:  “ What  qualifications  are  required  to  be  able  to  work  at  travel  agency?”,  “How  can  they  establish  their  own  travel  agency?”, “What  are  the  incomes  at  the  travel  agency?”.

Our  hosts  were  talking  about  the  advantages  and  disadvantages  of  working  at  a  travel  agency.  They  were  mentioning  various  stressful  situations  which  they  were   exposed  to,  but  also  the  possibilities  of  visiting  the  world  and  meeting  interesting  people.  

The children all signed contracts of Employment.  Here are some of the forms and templates for their businesses. 

Company Registration Form